About TViXiE

In short, TViXiE automatically generates a cover picture and a background picture with movie/music information that TViX media player is showing while browsing the movie catalogue.

Movie information is taken from the following sources (list is growing for each release)

IMDB (English)
TheMovieDB (TMDB) (English)
NetFlix (English)
Rotten Tomatoes (English)
Amazon (English)
Amazon.de (German)
Blu-ray.com (English)
Discshop.se (Swedish)
CDON.SE (Swedish)
CDON.DK (Danish)
CDON.FI (Finnish)
CDON.NO (Norwegian)
Filmtipset.se (Swedish)
MoTechPosters (Great cover pictures in high-resolution)
MovieMeter.nl (Dutch)
MovieMaze.de (German)
DVD Profiler 3.x
Allocine.fr (French)
Filmaffinity.com (Spanish)
Filmweb.pl (Polish)
Kinopoisk.ru (Russia)
Scope.dk (Danish)
+ many more

TViXiE also supports building your own movie provider through a plugin framework. If you have a movie site that you want to take information from you can write your own plugin or ask in the forum for someone else to write it for you.

It also supports having templates, you can have different templates depending on for example movie categories with different backgrounds or different layouts.

Other features:
* Simple and easy interface, same look and feel as Windows Explorer
* FTP support (connect to your TViX media player using FTP in TViXiE)
* Picks up IMDB link from any .NFO file in the same directory as the movie which then will be used (faster movie lookup)
* Proxy server support
* Set image quality of cover and background picture.
* Automatically checks for program updates
* Supports the following TViX models 4100, 5100, 6500 and 7000
* Plugin interface to add new movie info providers
* Templates (what the background will look like and where the movie text will go)
* Template Editor
* Drag & Drop support, just drag your cover art over a folder and release it.
* Folder name cleanup before getting information, you can have a folder named for example Hancock.2007.PAL and TViXiE would resolve that to Hancock. It's all configurable via tvixie.xml supporting regular expression.
* Right-click on background picture to edit movie text
* etc...etc...

Latest Version

Latest version: 1.3.3
Released: 2011-10-16