Why Donating?

TViXiE is a free project, developed by individual developers on their spare time. Our team has no income and any help is fully appreciated to help us with development and to continue with the support in the Community.
Many users request new features from us, besides, hosting the web server, the domain name and providing the needed bandwidth to let you download TViXiE has a cost.

If you really like TViXiE and believe that the time used to develop it should be rewarded, your money donations are welcomed (they will be used to help paying for the TViXiE web site, meet goals requested from users and continue to support you through e-mail and the Community).

If you want to contribute to the TViXiE project you can make a donation using PayPal : it’s free, easy and of course you’re free to donate what you think our work deserves. The whole team thanks you.


If you donate $20 or more you will be able to:
* beta test new releases, there's already a beta available of the upcoming v1.3.3
* get access to the new releases before everyone else

Latest Version

Latest version: 1.3.1
Released: 2010-02-21