TViXiE requires a PC with Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/2008/7 and Microsoft .NET Framework v3.5 installed.

Click on the link below to download TViXiE. (14.5MB) (recommended) (13.8MB) (portable)

Note: After installation please go into Tools->Options and select the correct media player model in the list.

What's new in version 1.3.3
- Updated: MediaInfo v0.7.50 [joma]
- Added: Mediainfo detection of BDMV (blu-ray) folder within movie folder [joma]
- Added: Support for Dolby Digital TrueHD and DTS HD + many more audio formats through the MediaInfo.xml file [joma]
- Added: A default movieinfo is now included in the DefaultTpl folder, this will be used by TViXiE and the TViXiE Template Editor to render template previews
If you want some other text, cover or fanart image just replace those files in the DefaultTpl folder [joma]
- Fixed: Fixed an issue where sometimes a full search result would not be presented for the user [joma]
- Fixed: No need to uninstall previous version of TViXiE before running setup.exe. New setup program updates automatically. [joma]
- Fixed: "Update Manager" could crash sometimes [joma]
- Added: Search field in FanArt window gets automatically filled in with the original movie title if inside a movie folder [joma]
- Added: New Toolbar with shortcut icons for items that previously only been accesible with the mouse right-click button [joma]
- Added: Keyboard shortcuts
Ctrl+E = Edit Movie Information
Ctrl+N = Create New Movie Information
Ctrl+G = Get Movie Information
- Added: Ability to Open cover image with default image viewer in "Edit Movie Information" window [joma]
- Added: Tooltip window when you move the mouse over the cover image with resolution information in "Edit Movie Information" [joma]
- Added: Ability to change FanArt image in "Edit Movie Information" [joma]
- Added: "Edit Movie Information" media info options can now be extended in MediaInfo.xml under the GUI element [joma]
- Added: Movie extensions .m2ts and .mp4 are now included in the MediaInfo detection [joma]
- Added: You can now extend the list of movie file extensions that will be scanned by MediaInfo by modifying
the MediaInfo\Extensions elements in MediaInfo.xml [joma]
- Fixed: Better logging of media info detection in TViXiE.log [joma]
- Added: A new media info Mapping has been introduced in MediaInfo.xml. Here you can map different formats/codecs to certain template values [joma]
- Fixed: Fixed bug when removing an Element in Template Editor [joma]
- Added: Progressbar when detecting movie information via Tools->Detect Movie Information menu item with ability to cancel process [joma]
- Added: Progressbar when applying template via Template window with ability to cancel process [joma]
- Added: Included the "Brightly 720p"/1080p template made by "donjuan2001", small modifications by "joma" [joma]
- Added: Included the "Clear Showcase" (720p) template made by "donjuan2001", small modifications by "joma" [joma]
- Added: Included the "Brightly Dark 720p"/1080p template made by "donjuan2001", modified by "mcnova20" and small mods by "joma" [joma]
- Added: Created a new 720p/1080p Template called Razor which uses new template variables [joma]
- Added: New Template Variables: [joma]
%RATINGSHORT% - Same as %RATING% but without the "/10" added at the end
%RUNTIME_MINS2% - Minutes in ## format (eg. 01)
%FANART% - Points to the fanart.tvixie file located in the movie folder
%PATH_COMMON% - Points to the new Common folder located in the Templates\Movie folder
%VIDEO_FORMAT% - Video Container (eg. Matroska/DVD/Blu-ray/...)
%VIDEO_CODEC% - Video Codec (eg. AVC/DivX/H.264/...)
%VIDEO_FPS% - Video framerate (eg. 23.976)
%VIDEO_FPS2% - Video framerate in #.## format (eg. 23.98)
%VIDEO_ASPECTRATIO_RAW% - Video Aspect Ratio (eg 2.388)
%VIDEO_ASPECTRATIO% - Video Aspect Ratio (eg 2.40:1)
%VIDEO_ASPECTRATIO2% - Video Aspect Ratio (eg 2.40_1)
%VIDEO_BITRATE% - Video bitrate (eg. 4 213 Kbps)
%VIDEO_WIDTH% - Video Width in pixels (eg. 1280)
%VIDEO_HEIGHT% - Video Height in pixels (eg. 588)
%VIDEO_RESOLUTION% - Video resolution (eg. 1080/720)
%VIDEO_STANDARD% - Video standard (eg. PAL/NTSC)
%VIDEO_SCANTYPE% - Video scantype (eg. Progressive/Interlace)
%VIDEO_SCANTYPE_SHORT% - Video scantype (eg. P/I)
%AUDIO_CODEC% - Audio Codec (eg. DTS/...)
%AUDIO_CHANNELS_RAW% - Audio Channels (eg. 6)
%AUDIO_CHANNELS_EXP% - Audio Channels (eg. 5.1)
%AUDIO_CHANNELS_EXP_SHORT% - Audio Channels (eg. 51)
%AUDIO_LANGUAGE% - Audio Language (eg. en)
%AUDIO_BITRATE% - Audio BitRate (eg. 1 510 Kbps)
%AUDIO_BITDEPTH% - Audio BitDepth (eg. 24 bits)
%AUDIO_SAMPLINGRATE% - Audio Sampling Rate (eg. 48.0 KHz)
%AUDIO_SAMPLINGRATE_SHORT% - Audio Sampling Rate (eg. 48.0KHz)
%AUDIO_SAMPLINGRATE_SHORT2% - Audio Sampling Rate (eg. 48.0)
%AUDIO_FORMAT_PROFILE% - Audio Profile (eg. MA/HR)
%AUDIO2_CODEC% - Audio 2 Codec (eg. DTS/...)
%AUDIO2_CHANNELS_RAW% - Audio 2 Channels (eg. 6)
%AUDIO2_CHANNELS_EXP% - Audio 2 Channels (eg. 5.1)
%AUDIO2_CHANNELS_EXP_SHORT% - Audio 2 Channels (eg. 51)
%AUDIO2_LANGUAGE% - Audio 2 Language (eg. en)
%AUDIO2_BITRATE% - Audio 2 BitRate (eg. 1 510 Kbps)
%AUDIO2_BITDEPTH% - Audio 2 BitDepth (eg. 24 bits)
%AUDIO2_SAMPLINGRATE% - Audio 2 Sampling Rate (eg. 48.0 KHz)
%AUDIO2_SAMPLINGRATE_SHORT% - Audio Sampling Rate (eg. 48.0KHz)
%AUDIO2_SAMPLINGRATE_SHORT2% - Audio Sampling Rate (eg. 48.0)
%AUDIO2_FORMAT_PROFILE% - Audio Profile (eg. MA/HR)
%AUDIO3_CODEC% - Audio 3 Codec (eg. DTS/...)
%AUDIO3_CHANNELS_RAW% - Audio 3 Channels (eg. 6)
%AUDIO3_CHANNELS_EXP% - Audio 3 Channels (eg. 5.1)
%AUDIO3_CHANNELS_EXP_SHORT% - Audio 3 Channels (eg. 51)
%AUDIO3_LANGUAGE% - Audio 3 Language (eg. en)
%AUDIO3_BITRATE% - Audio 3 BitRate (eg. 1 510 Kbps)
%AUDIO3_BITDEPTH% - Audio 3 BitDepth (eg. 24 bits)
%AUDIO3_SAMPLINGRATE% - Audio 3 Sampling Rate (eg. 48.0 KHz)
%AUDIO3_SAMPLINGRATE_SHORT% - Audio Sampling Rate (eg. 48.0KHz)
%AUDIO3_SAMPLINGRATE_SHORT2% - Audio Sampling Rate (eg. 48.0)
%AUDIO3_FORMAT_PROFILE% - Audio Profile (eg. MA/HR)
%TEXT_LANGUAGE% - Subtitle 1 (eg. en)
%TEXT2_LANGUAGE% - Subtitle 2
%TEXT3_LANGUAGE% - Subtitle 3

%SOUNDFORMAT% - Has been deprecated, please use %AUDIO_CODEC% instead!
%RESOLUTION% - Has been deprecated, please use %VIDEO_RESOLUTION% instead!
%MEDIAFORMAT% - Has been deprecated, please use %VIDEO_FORMAT% and %VIDEO_CODEC% instead!

* Language Updates *
- Updated: English language file to reflect latest changes [joma]
- Updated: Swedish language file to reflect latest changes [joma]
- Updated: French language file to reflect latest changes [Idargos]
- Added: Croatian language file [Alen]

* MIP Updates *
- Added: NetFlix movie provider [joma]
- Fixed: IMDB [joma]
- Added: IMDB movie provider now gets the Certification [joma]
- Fixed: [joma/Whiler/HiFuGa]
- Fixed: Sratim (June 2011) [DeaglinG]
- Fixed: Laserdisken [joma]
- Fixed: [joma]
- Fixed: [joma]
- Fixed: Akas.IMDB [Sorunsal]
- Fixed: [Sorunsal]
- Added: [Sorunsal]
- Added: TV IMDB [Sorunsal]

What's new in version 1.3.2
- Changed: Updated to use Microsoft .NET Framework v3.5
- Added: MediaInfo support (uses MediaInfo library v0.7.41), automatically detects media information (Video, Audio, Resolution) [joma]
- Changed: Re-arranged template flags into flags folder, removed the other folders [joma]
- Added: A few resolution flags to standard templates [joma]
- Added: Created new flags for 480, 540, 576, 720 and 1080 [joma]
- Added: Updated all movie templates to include SD.png in the Resolutions [joma]
- Added: Xvid flag to templates [joma]
- Fixed: Tools->"Rename .img to .iso" is now working again [joma]
- Added: You can now Edit Movie Information by right-clicking on a movie folder, you don't need to go into the movie folder [joma]
- Added: You can now create a blank new Movie Information, right-click on the background when you're inside a movie folder and choose "Create New..." [joma]
- Fixed: Update Manager is now working again [joma]

* Language Updates *
- Updated: Russian language [Karlson2k]
- Updated: Hungarian language file [Bluelight]
- Added: Czech language file [Merlin-PDi]
- Added: Danish language file [Ozzy]

* MIP Updates *
- Fixed: IMDB [joma]
- Fixed: RottenTomatoes [joma]
- Fixed: CDON.SE [joma]
- Fixed: CDON.DK [joma]
- Fixed: [joma]
- Fixed: [joma]
- Fixed: [zedyxer85]
- Fixed: [DeaglinG]
- Fixed: [joma]
- Added: [Ozzy]
- Added: [joma]

* Template Editor *
- Added: Ability to scale/move elements with arrow keys
Arrow = moves 1px
Shift+Arrow = moves 10px
Ctrl+Arrow = Scales 1px
Shift+Ctrl+Arrow = Scales 10px

What's new in version 1.3.1
- Changed: Renamed fanart.jpg => fanart.tvixie [joma]
- Fixed: Updated all Standard templates to get fanart from fanart.tvixie [joma]
- Fixed: Problem with not being able to apply standard templates if missing fanart.tvixie when connected via FTP or UNC [joma]
- Added: In the Movie Select Title window (select items from search), you now have the ability to only show exact title matches [joma]
- Updated: Added support for FanArt, MediaFormat, SoundFormat and Resolution to Standard 480p template [joma]
- Fixed: A new MyMP.dll version which now includes Dolu's fix regarding RegExp_Countries [joma]
- Added: MOVIE_SELECT_SHOW_EXACT_TITLE_MATCHES translation string to language files [joma]
- Added: MOVIE_COLLECTOR_STATUS_DOWNLOADING_FANART translation string to language files, it's the status message that is displayed in the "Get Movie Information" window after a user has selected the movie items that will be updated [joma]
- Fixed: Movies returned from search not containing year is not filtered out any more [joma]
- Added: Logs which model is selected during the application startup [joma]
- Fixed: Searching/Downloading FanArt didn't use the "Internet Connection" settings from Tools->Options->Connection [joma]
- Updated: Italian language file [Axel Foley]
- Updated: Spanish language file [pildo]
- Added: New template variable %RUNTIME_HOURS% [joma]
- Added: New template variable %RUNTIME_MINS% [joma]
- Added: Automatically creates the "dune_folder.txt" file for Dune players, the default template for this file can be found in the Models.xml under the Dune section and can be modified to fit your needs [joma]
- Changed: Modified the standard file names for Dune to .tvix.jpg and .folder.jpg which makes them invisible in the Dune player GUI [joma]
- Added: proxy support in "URLFileExists" [Dolu]
- Added: new tag <Cookies_First_Call> in xml configuration file, some websites required a first call to set cookies to make it work (actually used for "") [Dolu]
- Added: retrieval of data from "Certifications" tag [Dolu]
- Added: getting values for "Runtime", "Year", "Countries" and "Certification" when empty or null in "Plot" provider [Dolu]

* MIP Updates *
- Updated the KoreanMovieInfo.dll ( [eshim]
- Updated to return more accurate search result (not that many unrelevant titles) [joma]
- Updated is now working again [joma]
- Added [dolu]
- Updated movie provider "Allocine", more accurate result [Dolu]
- Updated movie provider "" to be compliant with last version of tvixie [Dolu]
- Updated movie provider "" [Sorunsal]
- Added new movie provider "" [Sorunsal]
- Updated movie provider "" [ahhahh]
- Updated movie provider "" [Sorunsal]
- Added movie provider "" [Bluelight]

What's new in version 1.3.0
- Added: Support for FanArt (backdrops) [joma]
- Added: New tool window - FanArt for applying FanArt (backdrops) to current movies [joma]
- Added: Tools->Options->Providers->FanArt in TViXiE [joma]
- Added: Saves/Restores window Position, Size and State (Minimized, Maximized or Normal) [joma]
- Fixed: Folder Width and Height values in Models.xml are now being used when creating folder.jpg [joma]
- Added: Support for Mede8er media player, now listed in Models list [joma]
- Added: Support for TViX 6600 media player, now listed in Models list [joma]
- Added: Support for Dune media players, now listed in Models list (experimental) [joma]
- Added: Support for Dune image format AAI [joma]
- Fixed: Changing Model (Tools->Options->General) is now taking effect at once, without need of restarting TViXiE [joma]
- Added: Tools->Options->Language is now showing Version and Author of each language file [joma]
- Fixed: Paste from context menu in Edit Movie Information - Plot window [joma]
- Fixed: Issue with Open Dialog not showing mapped network drives in the list under Computer [joma]
- Added: Support for new %MEDIAFORMATTEXT% variable in templates [joma]
- Added: Support for new %SOUNDFORMATTEXT% variable in templates [joma]
- Added: Support for new %RESOLUTIONTEXT% variable in templates [joma]
- Added new Standard 1080p template [joma]
- Updated: "Standard 720p" template to support FanArt [joma]
- Updated: "Standard 720p Swedish" template to support FanArt [joma]
- Updated: "Standard 720p" template with a darker rounded box behind the text, better looking when using FanArts as backgrounds [joma]
- Updated: "Standard 720p Swedish" template with a darker rounded box behind the text, better looking when using FanArts as backgrounds [joma]
- Fixed: Issue with application restart from update manager [dolu]
- Fixed: Issue with RegExp_Countries in "MyMp" library [dolu]
- Fixed: Trouble with DragDrop function for cover [dolu]
- Added: Now creates a new folder cover image when selecting a new cover in "Edit Movie Information" dialog window [joma]
- Added: Arabic language file [سين]
- Updated: Polish language file to comply with v1.2.2 release [BONO]
- Updated: Slovak language file to comply with v1.2.2 release [Norton]
- Added: Holding down Ctrl key when selecting an item in the Search Result window now selects all the items from the same provider and title [joma]
(eg. Click on "Jumper" cover from IMDB and at the same time holding down the Ctrl key selects the "Jumper" title from IMDB in Movie Info list, Cast & Director list and the Rating list)

* MIP Updates *
- Added: TMDb ( provider, supports all movie information + new FanArt [joma]
- Added: IMPAwards provider, supports high-resolution covers [joma]
- Fixed: movie provider [dolu]
- Changed: MyMovieProvider to work with and be compliant with more encoding types [dolu]
- Added: KoreanMovieInfo.dll
- Updated: to version 0.2 [dolu]
- Added: [Henry Ou]
- Added: [Sorunsal]

What's new in version 1.2.2 build 33669
- Added: New About box [joma]
- Fixed: Re-wrote SplashScreen due to certain issues (wrong Z-order for the application, did not disappear sometimes, etc..etc..) [joma]
- Added: Update Manager - an easy way to retreive MIP updates, experimental [dolu]
- Added: New template variable %COUNTRIES% [joma]
- Added: new tag "RegExp_Country" in movie provider XML configuration file [dolu]
- Added: support in TViXiE->Edit Movie Info for setting the Media Format, Sound Format and Resolution [joma]
- Added: images for the above types to Standard 720p and Standard 720p Swedish templates [joma]
- Added: If language string is not defined in a language file, it falls back to en-US to resolve it [joma]
- Fixed: FTP access to TViX media players should now work again [joma]
- Added: Support for UNC path in File->Open dialog [joma]
- Added: re-worked the File->Open dialog a little bit [joma]
- Fixed: Only one instance of TViXiE is allowed running at the same time on a computer [joma]

MIP Updates:
- Fixed: [dolu]
- Fixed: IMDB is now working again [joma]
- Fixed: Added support for retreiving Country in IMDB [joma]
- Fixed: Added support for retreiving Country in DiscShop [joma]
- Fixed: [dolu]
- Fixed: [dolu]
- Added: [dolu]
- Added: [cleuson]
- Fixed: [dolu]

Latest Version

Latest version: 1.3.3
Released: 2011-10-16