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PostPosted: Mon Jan 07, 2013 1:31 pm
by Terminator-q
Hello All,

Long time since I posted but here is my NEW problem! :(

Recently decided to upgrade from the TVIX SLIM S1 to the TViX 3D S2. Being that all my films on the drives have the generated 'TVIXIE' background/covers/artwork ect...which looked great on the older model and took forever to do...I connected my drives to the new device to see it will display the cover only but there is no option for you to click into the films details meaning, no background art and info.
You press enter on the cover thinking it will show the nice picture and info and nothing happens? On the old machine you simply select the display for COVERART on the new no such option ONLY.....THUMBNAILS, LIST and PREVIEW!!!

Please help as the machine is fast heading towards eBay! :evil:

All the Best, Neil