Audio covers - folder.jpg does not display on track screen

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Audio covers - folder.jpg does not display on track screen

Postby aussiejim » Mon Sep 20, 2010 12:41 pm

Hi all,

I've been busy creating CD covers for my music collection in my 6600N / local 2 TB HDD - long and tedious but worthwhile, given the tvixie magic on the interface. One issue I have encountered is what appears to be an unfortunate need for having to upload 2 image files for each album - to display 1) as a cover when browsing and 2) in album art on the track status (revolver) screen when playing a track from that album.

To clarify: I've created all my covers at 300 X 300 (and they look great btw) - when you place it in the folder and rename to folder.jpg it displays correctly when browsing on my plasma; however if you play a track from that album, the image does not display as album art/icon on the track status screen (horizontal thermometer, track time, time remaining etc.) - it just shows the default/tvix speaker icon. If I then add another file (ive been redoing them all at 150 X 150) and name them anything other than folder.jpg they show up fine on that track status screen.

The only issue is it takes twice as long to implement (2 image files per album) and unnecessarily adds files and bulk to the HDD. It's a shame that the system cant use the same 300 X 300 image (folder.jpg) to display in both places.

Am I missing something?

Thanks again to all - love the app!

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