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TV SHOWS...Cannot See DETAILS in COVERART mode!!!

PostPosted: Fri Oct 04, 2013 11:51 am
by Terminator-q
Hi All....Me again :)

I use my Slim S1 TVIX in cover-art mode and all my films display just how I want them too. All the covers display and you simply press enter on each film to see all the details about the film with nice artwork.

I have now started to use the above system for my TV Series BUT I cannot see the coverart or details only the COVER.
Each TV show has its own folder with sub-folders within for each respective season. The files
fanart.tvixie, folder, front_cover.tvixie, MovieInfo.tvixie and tvix are in each TV shows main directory.

If I remove the sub-drectories (seasons) then 'hey presto' its all back to norm just like films.
Why does having a sub-directory/folder prevent the generated file information from displaying?

My main directory being 'Movie' with TV shows in their own directory with seasons in sub-directories.

Anyone got any ideas?

Thanks Again, Neil