TViX 66xx, N1 and S1 new firmware 2.0.9

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TViX 66xx, N1 and S1 new firmware 2.0.9

Postby scubadunc » Wed May 04, 2011 5:01 am

New Firmware available 2.0.9 ... pSerial=76

Model Support :
TViX HD M- 6600A / TViX HD M- 6600N / TViX HD M- 6600N PLUS.
TViX PVR M- 6620N / TViX PVR M- 6640N / TViX PVR 6631N / TViX PVR 6632N
TViX PVR M- 6620N DUO / TViX PVR M- 6640N DUO
TViX Slim S1 / TViX Slim S1 DUO

The major differences from last version (2.0.5) are supporting Bit-Torrent and new Web-Remote™.

The upgrade procedure takes less than a single minute.
[ How to upgrade the Firmware ]

If the firmware upgrade fails, please do the SAFE-UPGRADE.
[ How to use the SAFE-UPGRADE ]

You can update new firmware on the setup whenever you want, if your M6600 or Slim S1 is connected to the network.
It only shows official firmware list, but you can list beta firmware as well if you press 2-3-8-2 (‘b’-‘e’-‘t’-‘a’) then FUNC button at SETUP.
You can go back to previous firmware as well, since NETWORK LIVE UPDATE provides all available firmware list.
Please upgrade the Netshare 2.13 version if you use old version.
[ Download Netshare 2.13 version ]

Release Notes for Rev 2.0.9 since Rev 2.0.5.
** From 2.0.8 version, fixes the problem of PVR time-shifting.

[ Multimedia Player/ System ]
1. Supports BT (Bit-Torrent) download
- If you configure the .torrent file, TVIX will automatically download it. TVIX will consume much less power than PC, so it’s a good downloading machine. You can directly playback contents as soon as it’s done.
- Download itself happens in background, and does not interfere the foreground playback. (Except recording DTV files - it will stop the downloading in the meantime.)
- You can monitor or configure torrent at http://<tvix IP address>/bt/.
For example - Type on your PC web browser and monitoring page will pop-up.
- The downloaded file will store at /BT on internal HDD.
- Supports resuming download just after last downloading.
- You can check the download completed files by clicking ”Visit Neighbor” button on the monitor page (It will connect TVIX via Samba server)
- Here’s the guide ... =79&id=747

2. Improves Web-Remote
- Changes major user interface to more intuitive one.
- Supports progress bar to show the current status of playback. You can also click the progress bar to change the playback position.
- So it becomes more and more usable without TV, when you want to use TVIX as music server.

3. Improves Media Library
- Add searching feature. You can type the searching words by virtual keyboard (using remote).
- You can search music by artist/ album/ title/ file name. You can search movie, photo by file name.
- Supports APE/ FLAC/ OGG tags and it will be enabled in Media Library.
- If there is no audio tag, searching may not be enabled. Please update the audio information using below FAQ. ... =52&id=744

4. Adds multi-language virtual keyboard
- Supports simplified Chinese/ traditional Chinese/ Korean/ Latin Extended.
- The virtual keyboard will be automatically changed according to the menu-language at set-up, if available.
- You can use this virtual keyboard at You-Tube searching, file name editing and play-list editing.
- You can change the virtual keyboard by selecting “ABC” button on the virtual keyboard.

5. Supports external subtitle browser
- By selecting “Subtitle” button on remote then select “Extra SUB” to browse the external subtitle file in the same folder.
- This “Extra SUB” button will be disabled if external subtitle file does not exist in the same folder.
- Will not support upper folder or other folder’s subtitle file.

6. Improves AUTO-RUN function
- If you configure “DTV” as a start-up at AUTO-RUN, it will start up as “DTV”.

7. Improves universal jukebox
- Fixes some bugs on several .ISO files.

8. Supports CUE file on WAV file format

9. Adds Serbian , Thai and Simplified Chinese menu languages.
- Supports all 25 languages now.

10. Fixes video not-showing bug on some MKV files.

[ PVR PART (PVR model only) ]
1. Fixes padding bug when multiple recordings.

2. Fixes the time shifting shut down problem.

1. Adds manual IP address configuration on Wi-Fi.

2. Supports FTP password changing at SET-UP.

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