Movie can not play

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Movie can not play

Postby cazymov » Sun May 29, 2011 6:43 pm

I have a TViX N1 cafe and I have some issue that I am seeking some answer.

Q1) When we on the media-player there will be a home page for us to select.
After selection, the next page will be some icons to select. My normal
selection will be the "folder" because other icons selection with appear
"Warning, Not found file". Why?
Q2) Sometimes my selection can not play. The unit appear to be "hang",
All buttons on remote can not function including the power button on the
unit. All I can do is off the main switch. Please explain.
Q3) The is a indication appear on the TV screen "dB scanning". Is this normal?

Awaiting for your answers. Thank you

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