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--- TMDB Movie Provider --- Multilanguage version ---

Postby Donovan » Tue Jan 02, 2018 6:47 pm


After a long time i've decided to rewrite my plugin for TVIXIE.

A few nice options for searching I will present to you:

In the search box you can add some query options. Normally the field is filled with the folder name you request (after clicking on 'Get Movie Details...'). Now it's possible to enter some parameters
- t:<title> (it's the title of the movie)
- y:<year> (it's the year to search for)
- l:<language> (it's the language that you wish to retrieve. Be aware: the format must be 'nl-NL', 'en-GB')
- o:<optionallanguage> (when the language isn't found, TMDB returns an empty string for the plot. When u specify this you'll retrieve the second language as plot).
- a:<adultmovies> (returns also adult movies, specify as true or false.

I know, you won't specify al these params everytime.

So in the Providers-directory of TVIXIE is a file called "TMDbMovie.config.json". When you open this file in notepad or any other texteditor, you will find the parameters from above. You can set default values and these will be used when you search for a standard search text ("shawshank redemption", instead of "t:shawshank redemption l:nl-nl o:en-gb").

One other thing is that you can use FanArt.TV as a source for your cover and backdrop (instead of TMDB). I must noticed that it isn't very fast, but it's using the same structure as TMDB and therefore TVIXIE is searching in TMDB and FanArt.TV together, so that makes it a lot slower.

So you've got 2 movie providers (TMDB and FanArt.TV for Covers) and 2 FanArt providers (TMDB and FanArt.TV).

If the FanArt doesn't work, just check a few posts below, there's a TViXiE.Common.dll fix posted which will help your issues).



All the necessary files.
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