TViXiE v1.3.3 Beta 3 - Released

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TViXiE v1.3.3 Beta 3 - Released

Postby joma » Fri Jul 15, 2011 8:36 pm

A new beta of the upcoming TViXiE v1.3.3 is now available to the Membership+ users.

I have created a new template (Razor 720p) which utilizes new template variables introduced in this new beta. Let me know what you think! ;)

Razor 720p Template
tvix.jpg (131.59 KiB) Viewed 3955 times

Regards Mathias

What's new:
- Updated: MediaInfo v0.7.46 [joma]
- Fixed: No need to uninstall previous version of TViXiE before running setup.exe. New setup program updates automatically. [joma]
- Added: New Toolbar with shortcut icons for items that previously only been accesible with the mouse right-click button [joma]
- Added: Keyboard shortcuts
Ctrl+E = Edit Movie Information
Ctrl+N = Create New Movie Information
Ctrl+G = Get Movie Information
- Added: Ability to Open cover image with default image viewer in "Edit Movie Information" window [joma]
- Added: Tooltip window when you move the mouse over the cover image with resolution information in "Edit Movie Information" [joma]
- Added: Ability to change FanArt image in "Edit Movie Information" [joma]
- Added: Video Format "MPEG-4 Visual" translates to "XVID" in the templates [joma]
- Added: Support for "MPEG Audio" (MP3) sound format in "Edit Movie Information" [joma]
- Added: "Edit Movie Information" media info options can now be extended in MediaInfo.xml under the GUI element [joma]
- Added: Movie extensions .m2ts and .mp4 are now included in the MediaInfo detection [joma]
- Added: You can now extend the list of movie file extensions that will be scanned by MediaInfo by modifying
the MediaInfo\Extensions elements in MediaInfo.xml [joma]
- Fixed: Fixed bug when removing an Element in Template Editor [joma]
- Added: New Template Variables: [joma]
%RATINGSHORT% - Same as %RATING% but without the "/10" added at the end
%FPS% - Video framerate
%ASPECTRATIO% - Video aspect ratio
%SOUNDCHANNELS% - Sound channel information (eg. 5.1)
%RUNTIME_MINS2% - Minutes in ## format (eg. 01)
- Added: Created a new 720p Template called Razor [joma]

* Language Updates *
- Updated: English language file to reflect latest changes [joma]
- Updated: Swedish language file to reflect latest changes [joma]
- Added: Croatian language file [Alen]

* MIP Updates *
- Fixed: IMDB [joma]
- Fixed: [joma/Whiler/HiFuGa]
- Fixed: Sratim (June 2011) [DeaglinG]
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