TViXiE and Mede8er

Post your ideas how to make TViXiE better. Due to the fact that TViXiE is a spare time project I will not be able to meet all requests made but they will all be considered for the future.

TViXiE and Mede8er

Postby BumbleBernie » Mon Feb 27, 2012 9:11 pm

For best performance in the Mede8er Movie Wall the following pixel settings are suggested by Mede8er:

Folder.jpg 232 high and 156 wide
About.jpg 720 high and 1280 wide

Right now TViXiE selects by default the 1080p templates.

You might want to change this to 720p in the next release - thank you.

Regards, Bernie

PS: I love the software!
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